My Sleep Tracker Legal – Privacy Policy and End User License

This is an era of immoral corporations and sneaky, information-harvesting apps – the app developer wants to be different and respect your privacy. So, we invite you to read our straightforward privacy policy (provided below).

With the lawyers and app stores dictating how things must be done, we must also provide you with a software license agreement and disclaimer of warranty .

Privacy Policy

The app developer (Alan Anderson, DBA Reflected Sun) believes that companies do not have the right to spy on you or harvest your personal information. However, the purpose of 'My Sleep Tracker' is to keep track of personal information you enter and allow the information to be reviewed – so you or your sleep therapist can decide what can be done to improve your sleep. You have the option to share the information you enter into this app with your sleep therapist or doctor (if they also agree). Only YOU can decide to share information with your sleep therapist (or not). We will never share or sell your information to any other third parties. If you do not share information with your sleep therapist or doctor, you can still use 'My Sleep Tracker' to privately record and review your own personal information.

This app uses your internet connection to verify your identity and to store the sleep data you enter on secure Azure cloud servers (located in the United States). This lets 'My Sleep Tracker' pick up where you let off, even if you use the app on multiple devices. Your personal data is encrypted, so even the Azure cloud service provider (Microsoft) cannot read it.

You can delete all the sleep-related information you previously entered by going to the 'Settings' > 'My Account' page of the 'My Sleep Tracker' app. If you delete your data it cannot be recovered, the data is gone forever. Even though the app is free, the DEVELOPER has to pay for data storage. If you regularly use the app (e.g. record new sleep data every month), we will store the most recent twelve months of your data. If you want to keep more than the most recent twelve months of data, send us an email and we will try to meet your needs.

In the event that the 'My Sleep Tracker' has a bug causing it to stop unexpectedly – Windows or Android may send some information to the corresponding app store to help identify the problem.