My Sleep Tracker Visual App Tour

This page provides a variety of screen shots to introduce you to My Sleep Tracker:

(Depending upon the type of device you have, the app may look slightly different than the following screen shots.)

Main menu screenshot

Home screen

The app's Home screen lets you quickly enter recent sleep information and review your sleep efficiency for the last week.

The app Home screen before entering information for last night.

First enter when you went to bed. Then, add entries describing your night. For each entry you essentially answer the question, “And then what happened?”. Choose one of the options:

  • In bed trying to fall to sleep
  • In bed asleep
  • In bed awake and active (e.g. screen time, reading, sex)
  • Out of bed awake (e.g. getting up in the middle of the night to snack or use the toilet )
  • Out of bed asleep (e.g. sleeping on the couch or recliner)
  • Out of bed for the day (same as tapping on the Done button)

Screen for editing a sleep logs

Many things you do during the day can affect your sleep, so it may be useful to track them. Activities include things like exercise and stuff you consume like caffeine, drugs, and food – or naps taken during the daytime.

Screen for adding a slepp-related activity

A large number of sleep-related activities are built into My Sleep Tracker, and many of these may not be relevant to you. You can hide activities that are not relevant or that you do not want to track using the Settings.

The activity settings screen
Composite sleep chart

Sleep timelines (what happened during each night)

Chart of total nightly sleep by date

Table of sleep metrics
Daily logs screen summarizing recent entries.

Daily logs screen showing details for a day.