Resources and Insomnia Treatment

Over 25% of Americans have difficulty with sleep. When untreated, insomnia can be very harmful to health and well-being.

The following resources will help you learn more about improving your sleep and insomnia treatment.

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How can I find a qualified sleep psychologist?

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine web site lists sleep psychologists across the United States. Their web site also lists some in other countries.

What can I read to learn about medication-free insomnia treatment?

A good book about fixing sleep problems is: End the Insomnia Struggle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep (by Colleen Ehrnstrom PhD and Alisha Brosse PhD, New Harbinger Press).

Dr. Valerie Stone's web site ( provides good information about sleep problems, sleep myths, resolving insomnia, and what to expect if you decide to seek treatment.

What if I have sleep apnea or another medical sleep problem?

If Cogniative Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) doesn’t work, there may be an underlying medical problem, like sleep apnea. If the problem is medical, it needs to be addressed. You will benefit from seeing an M.D. who is board-certified in sleep medicine.

CBTI can work alongside medical sleep treatment. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has information on medical sleep problems:

Sleep medicine centers do not usually offer Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, but they are experts at diagnosing and treating physical sleep problems. Here’s a link to help your find an accredited sleep medicine center: