Information for Sleep Therapists and Doctors

Time-saving: Reviewing and analyzing clients’ handwritten sleep diary data can take a lot of time, costing you money. Get accurate sleep metrics and have clients enter the data, not you. Spend your session time helping your clients instead of entering and calculating sleep data.

Inexpensive: For the price of one fancy coffee drink, you can eliminate the drudgery of collating sleep data for the entire time you work with a client.

Comprehensive: Accurately calculates Sleep Efficiency (SE), Total Sleep Time, Time in Bed (TIB), Waking After Sleep Onset (WASO), and more. Many sleep tracking apps out there do not accurately calculate TIB or SE, because they don’t take into account time that clients get out of bed when using Stimulus Control. My Sleep Tracker takes clients’ behavior change into account and provides accurate, essential sleep metrics.

Secure: Both you and your client must opt-in to sharing sleep data. Personal data is encrypted.
The Sharing screen, Clients page

How much does it cost?

Your clients pay nothing for the app, and enter their own sleep data.

By giving sharing codes to your clients, you can easily see the sleep data they enter. You don’t have to wait for their next appointment, nor take valuable session time calculating their sleep metrics manually.

You purchase a secret sharing code for any client interested in using the app. The client opts in to sharing by pasting the code into the app on their device. Once they’ve done this, you can see the data they enter.

Each client sharing code costs about US$5.99. (The exact price depends on taxes in your area and your country.)

Try the client data sharing features for free.

Available sharing codes screen

Viewing clients’ logs

On the Sharing screen, use the Clients page to see who is sharing their information with you. Buttons provide one-tap access to the Sleep analysis or Daily logs for any client.

To conform to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy guidelines, this app does NOT automatically share the client's medication or recreational drug data. Your client is responsible for manually providing this regulated information to you.

The Sharing screen, Clients page

Analyzing your clients’ sleep

Seven different graphs and charts help you quickly identify patterns of sleep behavior. Graphs displaying important CBTI metrics illuminate what guidance to provide to clients. These include: Sleep Efficiency (SE), Total Sleep Time (TST), Time in Bed (TIB), Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO), and more.

Graph of Sleep Efficiency

Graph of Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO)

The sleep timelines and composite sleep chart help you to visualize multiple nights of a client’s sleep at a glance.

Sleep timelines (what happened during each night)

Composite sleep metrics

As an alternative to the charts, the Table of sleep metrics provides the exact values of 17 sleep metrics for any date.

Table of sleep metrics